Typically, messaging is used for integrating various enterprise applications. It is a software interface that enables loosely coupled asynchronous data (messages) to be sent by one program and stored in a message queue until the receiving program is able to process it.

Enterprise Messaging is divided into two categories:

● Promotional SMSs: Used to promote a company’s products and services via bulk SMS. Typical features include bulk uploads, creating templates, creating phonebooks, scheduling messages, accessing delivery reports, and importing text and excel files.

● Transactional SMSs: The SMS is usually sent by the sender’s name (brand name) and 24/7 live services.

Global delivery of notifications, reminders and alerts.
Campaign Control/Management – Marketing programs can be easily managed and their performance measured.
Delivery Assurance – Access can be obtained to detailed message delivery
Intelligent Analytics and Reporting – Customer preferences can be leveraged for targeted messaging programs.

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