Typically, messaging is used for integrating various enterprise applications. It is a software interface that enables loosely coupled asynchronous data (messages) to be sent by one program and stored in a message queue until the receiving program is able to process it.

Enterprise Messaging is divided into two categories:

● Promotional SMSs: Used to promote a company’s products and services via bulk SMS. Typical features include bulk uploads, creating templates, creating phonebooks, scheduling messages, accessing delivery reports, and importing text and excel files.

● Transactional SMSs: The SMS is usually sent by the sender’s name (brand name) and 24/7 live services.

Global delivery of notifications, reminders and alerts.
Campaign Control/Management – Marketing programs can be easily managed and their performance measured.
Delivery Assurance – Access can be obtained to detailed message delivery
Intelligent Analytics and Reporting – Customer preferences can be leveraged for targeted messaging programs.

Mobile Data

As we are currently living in the modern era, our lives certainly cannot be separated from the use of the internet. The smartphone phenomena has certainly revolutionized society which indirectly leads them towards a truly digital minded society. Furthermore, countries and businesses around the world have started utilizing the fastest possible network to reach engagement. Discover the power of 4G to be able to harness your goals.

Safe and secure connection provided
Build a strong digital presence and make ends meet Benefit from private 4G connection
Enable advanced technologies and stay up-to date


FMC allows businesses to optimise their services in a more suitable way through intelligent SIM technology. It offers businesses flexibility, as users can utilise a mobile device as opposed to using a desk phone. This means staff have the option to work from wherever they choose, increasing overall productivity.

This can be especially useful when working remotely. Something that has boomed over the last few months, and it offers unique benefits that traditional fixed telephone solutions simply cannot compete with.

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