Private cloud enables proprietary environments for businesses to protect data.

One of the chief advantages of a private cloud deployment is the enhanced degree of control offered to the organization. Because the private cloud is only accessible to a single business, that organization can configure the environment and manage it in a manner that is uniquely tailored to the specific computing needs of the company.

Sona’s consumption based model allows companies to limit their costs, work efficiently and use modern technologies at the same time.


Features and Benefits

Security and compliance

Private cloud infrastructure gives organizations the ability to comply with strict regulations to protect sensitive data being held that cannot be accessed by anyone else.


Flexibility is key in private cloud allowing customization of IP and free VPC environment is most instances.

Hybrid integration

Not needing to install additional servers to be able to maintain uptime.


Works well with multiple products and easily manages Internet portals to provide a hybrid cloud architecture.

Security groups

With the help of security groups function, product instances in VPC can be classified into different security domains and each security domain can have custom access control rules.

Custom network environment

Customization of the IP address range, network segment, route table, and gateway. Can plan and manage the network as needed.

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